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When you request a design from us, our first step is to schedule a Consultation meeting with you at a nominal fee. We will typically meet on site, so we can get a sense of the property and your own personal style.

Our Consultation visit will typically last for an hour, where we will exchange ideas, make some suggestions based on your needs, wants & desires, along with providing you an honest vision for your dream landscape, or putting the finishing touches on your established landscape.

Want to start the process? Click here — we’d love to meet with you!

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The first stage of the project is to propose a layout plan setting out the spatial arrangement of the garden.

The plan will usually be illustrated with photo references. These photographic references provide a useful and easy mean to understand  how your garden might look.

Subject to your thoughts, the design can be firmed up, refined or modified.

Once agreed, a detailed costing can be prepared. This will be broken down into different elements, so that the project can be phased in.

Interior Design

Once the landscape design phase is complete, the next step is implementing the design. 

A detailed chronology setting out the timetable will be proposed. It will include a set of terms and conditions, and a payments schedule. In addition a single point of contact will be provided.

Once you’ve signed the agreement, we will provide you with a start date for your landscaping project. Over the following few days, we will work out the minor details, such as plant and color choices. Please ensure that our schedule works for you. 

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