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Natuxi Landscapes provides complete landscaping solutions for residential, condominiums & business owners in Egypt. Whether you require a simple garden makeover or a complete landscape design/installation; our professional staff together with our uniquely selected business partners will take care of all your landscape needs. We provide quotes and design consultations for your project. Start your landscape project with Natuxi.

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Front Yard Landscaping

Get That Curb Appeal!

Your beautiful front yard landscaping will bring curb appeal to your home and with the right plan of action through a professional landscape design, it can bring functionality to the front of your home too.

A well planned out garden planting theme tied in with a flowing interlock walkway and step will add great visual appeal to your landscaping.

Another important aspect of your home is the driveway. This is one of the first contacts someone has when they come to your home. The durability and reliability of an interlock driveway is a great option with the design styles with so many textures and colors available.

Contact us today to start your garden transformation.

Your backyard landscaping is an important key to completing your home’s outdoor living space. A few great features that can turn your backyard into a showpiece are water features, an interlock patio, layered garden retaining walls, well-placed armour stone and tree plantings for shade or privacy.

Low-maintenance landscaping is one of our client’s main requests when we’re completing a plan for their landscape. The after care of the garden is an important aspect to keep in mind.  We can develop a landscape design for your specific needs.

Contact us today to start your garden transformation.


Back Yard Landscaping

A Perfect Picturesque!


Low-Maintenance Gardens

Beauty With Little Work!

There are several ways to achieve a low-maintenance landscaping. Choosing slow growing plant material is common, and choosing a ground cover that keeps weeds at a minimum, such as shredded mulch or a stone ground cover with weed mat underneath.

Adding accent trees to your landscape is a great option to bring height to a garden and using armor stone within a garden creates visual appeal through depth and color tones that tie the landscaping together.

Contact us today to help you build your low-maintenance garden.

Landscape Design 

Idea Transform into Creativity!

A professional landscape design is a smart way to start planning your landscape project if you’re not sure where to start. We will complete an on-site design consultation, have a look at the project area and with your wants and needs in mind we’ll put together a landscape design.

Whether the project is large or small, a front yard or backyard our designs are affordable and can save you money long term by getting your landscaping right the first time.

Contact us today for an on-site consultation.


Pergolas & Shades

Structures that Last!

Whether your outdoor living space is new or years old, adding a wood structure will bring a new feel to your landscaping. A few popular options are pergolas and privacy screens.

We can build wood or bio-wood pergolas over sitting areas and when the top slats are in the right direction, they can provide shade from the sun. Well-placed privacy screens will give you the privacy you need, and these are great to work into the garden landscape. In addition, our pergolas can be complemented with custom made shades that will not only add an artistic touch but also provide full functionality. 

Both structures provide a great place to grow climbing plants. Contact us today to add a unique living space to your garden.

Patio Installation

Extend your living space!

A backyard patio installation is a great way to extend your living space. We offer complete installation of patios, walkways and interlock driveways. There are many design options when using interlock pavers, such as colour, texture and patterns to choose from.

We work closely with our clients during the landscape design phase to choose the best options that suit their property. We will base the layout for your patio on several things including: what use of the patio will be for, such as bbq and dining, sitting area, fire pit area.

Contact us today to transform your patio and extend your garden.

Lawn Mower Setup

Complete Lawn Care

We Are In Love With Perfection!

We provide lawn care service to residential, condominiums, townhouses & businesses within Cairo and North Coast. Our property care services will keep your property looking its best all summer long.

Along with our lawn care program, we also have a dedicated garden maintenance team that takes care of the weeding, trimming, and cultivating of the garden beds.

We can also handle the installation of mulch, seasonal plantings and other services that will enhance the looks of your landscaping.

Contact us today to benefit from our maintenance program.

Irrigation Networks

Reliable Infrastructures!

Watering is possibly the most important aspect of the life of a plant. 

Without the presence of a reliable water source, plants cannot germinate nor absorb minerals from the soil. A poorly-watered plant is a stressed plant. In reality it’s a fading plant. Wilted leaves are more than a cry for attention.. Water is serious business. 

In Natuxi, was pay great attention to irrigation networks design and construction, in addition we utilize fully automated watering systems in our builds to ensure a flawless irrigation process.

Contact us today for a reliable and cost-effective garden irrigation design.


Landscape Lighting

A magical finish!

Exterior lighting is equally important to the interior lighting. It should be functional in order not to only provide a relaxing atmosphere but also a fun and safe environment. The lighting have a significant impact on the whole look of your garden and patio and that’s why in Natuxi we are very meticulous in selecting the type of lighting used and its distribution. 

Contact us today to help you showcase the beauty of your outdoor space.

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